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Professional Carry Case for H520

H520 Carry Case for professionals

h520 carry case pro 1 

This case was developed to serve all requirements for professional organisations such as Police, Search and Rescue Teams, Fire departments, Inspection services, Professional Videographers and more.

  • Black, robust, water and dust proofed trolley hard case with wheels and extendable handle specially made for the Yuneec H520 Copter. This case makes it possible to transport the H520 including the ST16S Ground Station, 3 cameras, 8 batteries, 2x ST16 Batteries, Propellers, Charging Station, CGO-ET, E50 and E90 (each one has one compartment), Sun Shade, diverse cables for Charger and Copter, Memory Cards
  • The large multiuse compartment in the second level of the case also offers plenty of space to carry large / longer accessories in your suitcase
  • The foam (black top foam which is wipeable and gray bottom foam) inlay is made of very high quality and solid foam from German production (water jet and milling). The foam is the perfect protection against shock and vibration and ensures maximum security for your H520. Also for extra security on a trip or as checked baggage on a plane this case is lockable with a TSA lock (optional, not included)
  • The black trolley case weights about 9 kg and the dimensions are 687 x 528 x 366mm
  • The case is certified as underwater and dust protected (IP67)


Product Code: A-MC520

Price: £399.99


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