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Typhoon H Plus

Bigger. Better. Bolder


The Typhoon H Plus will Include:
ST16 Ground Station, 1" Sensor 4K Gimbal Camera, and more

Key Features:

  • New flight controller based on PX4 with integrated backup and failsafe
  • Optimised design for improved airflow and cooling
  • Specially shielded core areas for increased reliability
  • High efficiency and quiet flight operation
  • 1" sensor camera with 20MP Stills and 4K Capture at 60FPS
  • Improved Camera: Increased residual light performance and dynamic range, and a distortion-free horizon
  • Includes redesigned ST16 remote control with improved display

The Typhoon H Plus Hexacopter is equipped with a high quality 1" sensor camera. The 1" sensor captures photos up to 20MP and videos up to 4K at 60FPS (100mbps), featuring an improved low light output and an increased dynamic range. Relevant core areas of the Typhoon H Plus are now even more shielded against electrical influences and ensure a maximum reliability together with the PX4 controller and the 6-rotor design.

Through numerous optimizations, the new Typhoon H Plus is one of the quietest and most efficient hexacopters in its class and manages 25 minutes of flight time under normal weather and flight conditions..

Available Soon

  Product Specifications  

TYPHOON H Plus Copter

  • Flight Time: 25 Minutes (With C23)
  • Diagonal Length:520mm (20.5in)
  • Takeoff Weight (W/O Cam): 1645g (58oz)
  • Battery:4S 5250mAh LiPo
  • IMPORTANT WARNING**Local Laws Apply : Maintain Visual Line of Sight of Aircraft at All Times