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    1. Propellers/Rotors

Propellers Do Not Fit

All Propellers and Motors are marked with an A and a B.   Please ensure that all letters match up with the corresponding letters on the motors. Each propeller has a ‘Lock’ and ‘Unlock’ diagram moulded into the propeller that will alert you to which way they should be tightened or loosened. Please follow tightening directions on the top of the propeller hubs. Once the propeller starts to bite, give it one more full turn.

Check the motor and propeller threads to ensure they are not damaged. If damaged you may need to replace the motor and/or propellers.

    1. CGO Camera and FPV

The Gimbal Is Making A Funny Sound / Vibrating

Ensure that you have removed the camera gimbal cover/protector before you turn on your Q500.

If the noise continues the CGO camera Centre of Gravity (CoG) of the camera is not neutral and out of balance.

To adjust the CoG balance carefully turn the round weight on the back of the camera pod clockwise (inward) or counter-clockwise (outward) in small increments until the vibration / noise stops.

CGO Will Not Connect To ST10 Transmitter

See section 5. ST10 Transmitter > My CGO does not link to the ST10

The CGO Camera Wi-Fi Will Not Connect To An iPhone, iPad Or iPod touch

Please check the software version on your Apple receiving unit. The CGO apps require iOS 7.0 or later to operate.

    1. Batteries and Charging

My Battery Does Not Fit

Please ensure you insert the battery with the Yuneec label facing up (so the terminals are on the right as you look down at the Q500).

    1. Q500

My Model Won’t Start

Please ensure your mode selection switch is set to either ANGLE mode or SMART mode.

Please ensure the Q500 and ST10 are switched on and bound correctly.

Please ensure the Start button is held for 3 seconds and you have more than 4 satellites on the display (The LED on the rear of the Q500 will be solid purple).

If the Q500 still does not start please consult Yuneec UK on 0208 449 4321 or your dealer for assistance.

My Aircraft Will Not Start And The LED Is Flashing Yellow

This requires a re-calibration of the Compass; please see the COMPASS CALIBRATION in the instructions or look at the video on You Tube.

The Q500 Will Not Respond Correctly To The Controls In Smart Mode

The Q500 must be further than 8 meters away from the pilot/transmitter for this function to operate. The Q500 ‘protective circle’ changes the control inputs to stop the Q500 getting close to the pilot / transmitter.

Do Not start and fly in Smart mode within close proximity to the transmitter. This can only be done in Angle Mode.

Please ensure you have the latest software installed on your ST10 to gain the full benefits of SMART mode.

Q500 Has Erratic Flying Characteristics

Please ensure all Propellers are in good condition.

Please ensure the compass is calibrated correctly for your location.

Please ensure all updates have been carried out on your ST10 and your Q500.

Please carry out a full diagnostic test on your PC or Mac to ensure the sensors are functioning correctly.

    1. ST10 Transmitter Ground Station

My Transmitter Doesn’t Link/Connect With My Aircraft

Try powering down your aircraft and transmitter and trying again.

Power on the transmitter. Power on the Q500 and after 4 seconds, immediately tilt the airframe forward and level 2 times until you see a flashing yellow light then, select ‘Flight Settings’ on the ST10. Click ‘Okay’ on the warning screen. Now select ‘Bind’. Your Q500 should show up in the Model selection. Click on your model and a ‘Connection Established’ will appear in a few seconds. Now tap the back arrow 2 times and your Q500 should be connected to your ST10 Smart Transmitter.

If this fails, please contact Yuneec UK or a Yuneec Authorised Service Provider, as the Q500 may need to be sent in for service/repair.

CGO Does Not Link/Connect With The ST10 Transmitter

1) Try cycling the power by switching ‘Off’ the Q500 and transmitter and then powering them ‘On’ again.

2) Power on your Q500 and ST10 and wait for everything to initialise - it’s initialised when you see the aircraft voltage located at the top right hand corner of the ST10’s screen, below the battery meter and the number of satellites the ST10 is linked to. Now, select ‘Flight Settings’ on the main screen and click OK. Click on Camera Select and choose the CGO camera with the the correct serial number (on the side of the camera). Click OK on the following screen. Click back once and then select Bind. Your camera will now show up under the Camera list. Select your camera. It will then ask for a password. Enter your password** and click okay. Your camera is now connected. Click the back arrow two times to return to the main screen.

** Yuneec default password: 1234567890

3) If the CGO will not connect, repeat and then please contact Yuneec UK or a Yuneec Authorised Service Provider, as the Q500 or CGO may need to be sent in for repair.