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Speaker for H850 (130dbB)

Speaker for H850 Platform

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Item No. : YUNCZMP130V2EU

Product information "Speaker for H850 (130dB)"

The new H850-RTK loudspeaker is a long-range acoustic device (LRAD) for H850-RTK. It has the characteristics of clear sound, intense penetration, ultra-high sound pressure, small size, lightweight and low energy consumption. Sound can travel as far as 1000 meters. Low power consumption, excellent magnetic shielding performance, specially developed for the H850-RTK.

  • 130dB the volume
  • 300m Effective distance
  • 550g Weight

    Long distance transmission 
    The maximum control distance is consistent with that of the UAV, which can reach 7 to 10 kilometres.

    Loud and clear 
    The maximum volume exceeds 130dB, the effective broadcast range is 300 meters to 500 meters, and the full broadcast range is more than 1000 meters.

    Multiple play modes 
    The loudspeaker has a variety of broadcast modes, such as text-to-speech (custom timbre) scanning Qr code to transmit text, voice broadcast and audio file playback.
    The automatic synchronous pitching function can follow the camera to ensure the accurate direction to achieve the best broadcast effect.

    Forest search and rescue
    The loudspeaker raises the sound over a very long distance to guide lost people through the forest to open areas, and can quickly locate targets with
    other equipment such as an RGM camera/thermal camera, like the E20TVx 

    Traffic police to guide
    When there is a traffic jam, our loudspeaker can help traffic police to achieve long-distance traffic command and rapid communication.

    Other aspects
    It can be used to deal with mass incidents, natural resources protection, environmental protection, urban management, maritime law enforcement, etc.