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4HAWKS RAPTOR SR Range Extender

Range Extender for Yuneec H520 ST16S

4hawks H520 ST16S upcoming 1 

Compatible with Yuneec H520 ST16S (Plug and Play, no soldering, etc.)

The Raptor SR Range Extender increases your drone’s flight range up to three times further over standard antennas. The radio transparent radome was created using an advanced injection moulding process and the mounting system is fabricated using stainless steel which doesn't contain any removable parts that can be easy to lose or mis-place. Thanks to its cleverly designed mechanism, the operator can easily and smoothly adjust tilt of the antenna.

4hawks H520 ST16S upcoming 3

Increase Drone Flight Range
Raptor range extenders have been designed to increase your drone’s flight range, making it even more enjoyable than ever before. All that with a crystal clear video and a very long range that is limited only by your battery.

Break Performance Limits
Directional antenna allows for an uninterrupted drone flight, free from any interference and noises originating from other devices or networks.

4hawks H520 ST16S upcoming 4

Outstanding Antenna Beam Performance
In comparison to original omnidirectional antennas with weak distance efficiency, 4Hawks’ Raptor patch antenna extends sectoral coverage, increasing the maximum flight range.

Optimised Wave Propagation
Signal is enhanced thanks to efficient waves propagation pointed towards drone.


Product Code: A-4HA107S

Price: £119.99


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