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Video Guides

H520 Video Guides

Update with UpdatePilot Guide 


Mapping & Waypoints Guide 


Getting Started Guide 


Compass Calibration Guide 


Accelerometer Calibration Guide



Typhoon H Video Guides

Getting Started Guide


How to use 'Point of Interest' mode Guide


How to use 'Orbit Me' Guide


How to use 'Follow Me / Watch Me' Guide


How to use 'Curve Cable Cam' Guide


How to use Team Mode Guide


Intel® RealSense™ Technology Guide


How to install RealSense™ module Guide


Compass Calibration Guide


Installing Propeller Protector Guide


How to update Guide


Issues with installing firmware 3.0 Guide


Binding in Single and Team Mode Guide


How to calibrate ST16 Guide


How to calibrate CGO3+ Guide


Install & bind CGO-ET camera Guide



Breeze Video Guides

Social Media Sharing Guide


How to use 'Pilot Mode' Guide


How to use 'Selfie Mode' Guide


How to use 'Journey Mode' Guide


Unboxing Guide


Compass Calibration Guide


Propeller Installation Guide


How to use the live stream function Guide


Download Flightlogs, Android Guide


Download Flightlogs, iOS Guide


How to update, Android Guide


How to update, iOS Guide


How to connect controller Guide