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E10T 320 50° FOV

320 x 256 Thermal Resolution

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Item No. : YUNE10T50EU

The E10T 320 50° FOV Includes:
E10T 320x256 50° FOV Thermal Infra-red Camera Module for H520

Key Features:

  • FLIR® Thermal imaging and residual light dual camera for H520
  • 320x256 50° FOV (4.3mm Focal Length) Thermal infra-red camera and 1080P low light RGB camera combinable and recordable
  • Dual video stream can be viewed picture-in-picture or overlay
  • Up to 28 minutes flight time with the H520
  • Supports DataPilot and mission planning

Dual Power - The E10T FLIR® thermal imaging and low light camera was especially designed for the YUNEEC H520. With its multi-sensor compatibility, the E10T offers search and rescue, firefighters, police and inspectors reliable and efficient air support. When searching for missing persons, the drone enables you to look for people very quickly from the air using the latest Boson thermal sensor from FLIR®.

In the case of a fire, hot spots can be detected instantly, allowing fast and efficient countermeasures, which can save lives. When performing an inspection, all required details can be detected with the H520 without having to get too close to the object.

The drone’s live image can be transferred to a monitor during the flight, so several people can take part in the inspection and make initial analyses during the flight.

Please note there is a 2 week delivery time on this item

  Product Specifications  

E10T 320 50° FOV

  • Dimensions:115 x 80 x 130mm
  • Weight:350g
  • Storage:Micro-SD card
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