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Yuneec CEO Tian Yu Reveals the Q500 4K and 'Wizard'

A member of the Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with Tain Yu, the CEO and Founder of Yuneec Electric Aviation, about the companies new products: the  Typhoon Q500 4K quadcopter and the H920 Tornado hexcopter, plus a new 'secret weapon': a pocket-sized remote called 'Wizard', which enables not only GPS tracking for Follow-Me and Watch-Me flight modes, but also direct control of the aircraft simply by pointing at a location in the sky. He also discusses the company's history building electrically powered manned, fixed-wing aircraft.

Total Aerial & Ground Imaging Solution(2)

Total Aerial & Ground Imaging Solution

Imagine embracing the blue sky and endless earth within minutes. Developers of the Typhoon Q500+ looked for a total aerial and ground image capturing solution. The result was the Typhoon multi-rotor copter with an integrated 3-axis gimbal camera which is able to record and view memorable moments from the sky and a ProAction SteadyGrip which allows users to extend that view from the sky to the ground.

Being a compact Aerial-Ground imaging system, each part of Typhoon Q500+ is an independent module. This makes the assembly and disassembly of the Typhoon very easy before and after flight.

Q500 Sheep Farming - BBC TV

Yuneec's Q500 being used by Irish Farmer Paul Brennan in Carlow Ireland to round up sheep and move them from one field to another.

His real sheepdog dog is not impressed with the new innovations for sheep farming!!