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Fly The Typhoon H with Thermal Camera CGO-ET

Yuneec Introduces the New CGO-ET
Dual-sensor Thermal and Visual light camera for Typhoon H

CGO ET Thermal drone 1

CGO ET Thermal drone 2

The CGO-ET is suitable for a wide range of emergency service, search and rescue, civilian defence, agricultural and commercial applications


The CGO-ET 3-axis anti-vibration, thermal infra-red and low light RGB camera is a cost effective, safe and easy to use all-in-one solution for many applications such as Emergency response, Police and Civilian Defence, Intelligence gathering, Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, Fire Fighting and Search and Rescue operations. While the infra-red camera measures the temperature in the image and indicates relative temperature differences, the low light RGB camera has a light sensitivity twenty times higher than the human eye and takes detailed shots even in low light conditions.

Both Thermal and Visual light feeds are simultaneously streamed to the 720p HD LCD screen on the ST16 Ground Station and can be viewed separately, picture-in-picture or as an overlay.

Key Features:

• Thermal infra-red camera and 1080P low light RGB camera combinable and recordable (picture-in-picture or overlay)
• Temperature measurement and readout
• Selectable colour spectra to enhance the visualization of heat sources
• Adjustable temperature detection scale for focussing on specific areas



Thermal Specs:

• Field of Vision: Diagonal: 71°
• Field of Vision: Horizontal: 56°
• Sensitivity: < 50 mK
• Infrared Cam: Uncooled Vox microbolometer
• Pixel size: 12 μm
• LWIR Wavelength: 8-14 μm
• Picture rate: 9 Hz
• Photo format: JPEG, TIFF (14bit raw)
• Video format: MP4
• Temperature balance: Automatic
• Temperature effective range: -10° to 180°



Visual light Specs:

• Sensor: 1/3” 2M
• Field of vision: Diagonal: 90°
• ISO range: 100-12800
• Shutter Speed: 1/30 - 1/8000 s
• Video resolution: 1920 x 1080p 30 fps
• Photo format: JPEG
• Video format: MP4





CGO ET Thermal drone 3


Combined with the Typhoon H Pro Realsense® featuring Intel™ Realsense® technology, the CGO-ET is an easy to use “Ready-to-Fly” solution and benefits from the multiple features and functions of the Typhoon H:

• Transmitter and HD 720P touch screen display included
• HDMI output for larger screens
• Capable of detecting obstacles and navigating around them (Only Typhoon H with Intel® RealSense™ technology)
• Compact and portable
• Team mode with one pilot and one camera operator
• Hexacopter with 5 rotor redundancy - fly safely in event of rotor failure
• Autonomous flight modes (e.g. Return Home and Auto Land)



• Fire Fighting and Emergency Response
• Police and Customs applications
• Search and Rescue operations
• Solar panel system inspection
• Building Construction and management
• Agriculture and Forestry


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Introducing the Breeze 4K

Layer 1Layer 2Layer 3Layer 4Layer 5Layer 6Layer 7

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Yuneec at FIA 2016

Yuneec at Farnborough International Airshow 2016

Catch the multiple award winning Typhoon H in action - find us at stand F104 (Hall 4) and discover our latest range of UAV technology


FIA 2016

We are excited to announce our presence at FIA 2016 this week! From Monday the 11th to the 17th of July, Yuneec will be exhibiting at both the trade and public shows. We will have our latest UAV's and UAV tech on display, and our extremely knowledgable staff at hand to answer any queries you may have. During the week for the trade show (11th - 15th July), we will be at stand F104 (Hall 4) flying our smartest drone, the Typhoon H, on site! 


Public Show

During the public show which takes place on the Weekend (16th and 17th July), Yuneec will be at stand DZ15 and DZ16. We have teamed up with #UKDRONESHOW and we will be flying at the UK Drone Racing Course at Midday on both Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to catch us in flight, as we will be sending our cutting edge drones into the sky, displaying all the autonomous flight modes and features our UAVs have to offer. 


Competition time!

We have also teamed up with Airshow International Radio to provide one lucky winner with our TIPA award winning Q500+ 4K Camera Drone, complete with a carry case and spares! Be sure to tune in to AIR (106.6FM) for chance to win -


See you there!

- Team Yuneec


Our smartest drone just got smarter


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Typhoon H Delivery Announcement

Typhoon H Delivery Announcement - 20/05/2016

We are extremely pleased to announce that our initial delivery of Typhoon Hs is on its way to the UK. The delivery left Europe today, and we are expecting to receive it at our warehouses on Monday 23rd of May. We will start shipping to our resellers and customers immediately, who can expect to receive their orders towards the end of the week commencing 23rd of May.

We truly appreciate the extended patience and understanding that we have received in regards to our delays in shipping the Typhoon H, and we sincerely apologise for any frustrations caused by these delays. Our hope is that once you receive the Typhoon H, it will have been worth the wait. 


- Team Yuneec UK

Yuneec announces Typhoon H Pricing and Availability

Yuneec International Announces Pricing and Availability of Highly Anticipated Typhoon H

The Award-Winning Typhoon H Offers Professional Capabilities at an Unprecedented PriceTyphoonH NL PIC

UK, Barnet (March 15th, 2016) — Yuneec International, the world leader in electric aviation, has announced that its award-winning Typhoon H is available for pre-order starting today. First customer deliveries will begin in three weeks.

Originally unveiled at CES 2016, where it won numerous top awards, Typhoon H redefines the enthusiast drone. Pricing of the initial 'Advanced' system is set at the highly competitive RRP of £1099.00. Also, for a limited time, the Typhoon H Advanced is being offered with a free Wizard controller, enabling team operation and GPS tracking of a subject.


“We’re excited to bring our game-changing Typhoon H to market, opening access to creative possibilities previously only available in expensive professional platforms. Now, anyone can capture incredible aerial footage like never before,” said Yu Tian, chief executive officer of Yuneec International. “It’s our most advanced consumer drone ever, setting a new standard in capability and value, while being ready, easy and safe to fly.”


An all-new six-rotor airframe provides a solid platform for the full 3-axis, 360-degree unlimited rotation gimbal and the new CGO3+ camera. In addition, the landing gear retracts during flight allowing unobstructed panning for breathtaking 4K videos and 12 megapixel stills. The Typhoon H also adds new flight and image capture modes including Point of Interest, Orbit, Curved Cable and Journey. Innovative new safety features includes ultrasonic proximity detection to prevent collisions with obstacles and a redundancy failsafe system allowing Typhoon H to remain stable and land if a motor should fail.

An additional benefit is the compact and user friendly design. Quick-disconnect propellers allow speedy installation and removal and each rotor arm quickly folds down from its flight position, at the press of a button, for easy and compact transportation. Carbon fiber is used in key areas to decrease weight while increasing durability.

Typhoon H comes with the professional quality Android-based ST16 controller, which has an large in-built 7-inch HD LCD display and HD 720p video downlink for stunning real-time video reception. An HDMI output allows external monitors and VR goggles to be used to monitor video. Available separately, the ST12 or Wizard controller can additionally bind to the Typhoon H for Team Mode, which allows one controller to operate Typhoon H and the other to operate the camera. With ST16 and ST12 in Team mode both can view the downlink video simultaneously.

With its ability to add mission-specific modules, Typhoon H is the next generation compact platform for enthusiasts and professionals. To be announced within the next 30 days is an Intel® RealSense™ Technology module, which uses advanced computer vision processing to enable Typhoon H to dynamically alter course as it encounters obstacles, such as small as tree branches, while the camera continues to track the subject. Future add on modules will also include specialized gimbal cameras which can be easily interchanged on the go.

The Typhoon H builds on established Typhoon family features such as Geo-fencing, Variable Control Response, Dynamic Return Home, Low-Battery Return Home and No Fly zones.

For more information visit or call the Yuneec UK office on 0208 449 4321

Media Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.