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"Watch Me" Function Update


Watch me has been added to the Q500+ function list. This great feature targets the CGO2+ camera on the transmitter position, regardless of the orientation of the Q500 in the air producing 'Selfie' style photos and video production.

Regardless of any change in height the CGO2+ camera tilt will be adjusted to continually aim its original target unless the tilt angle is adjusted on the transmitter.

SteadyGrip Included


The SteadygGrip handle (mobile phone not included) has now been included with all Tornado Q500 Series products.

The SteadyGrip camera handle allows all CGO cameras - CGO2, CGO2+ and CGO3 - fitted to the Tornado Q500 series, to be used as a stabilised ground camera for video and still shots when attched to the Steadygrip all watchable via am attched mobile phone or tablet screen (not supplied).

Shoot a friends’ graduation, birthday wedding party! Or action events such as skiing or skateboarding etc. As an independent ground imaging module, SteadyGrip with the CGO3 camera provides a fluid and convenient way to record memorable moments and memories to a micro SD card and watch real-time what is being recorded on a mobile device screen using the CGO3 APP.

The Q500 Series is a true Air to Ground Imagaing System.

Take a look at the video trailer on the home page and see the comparision between videoing 'with' and 'without' a stabilised camera.